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"Everyone knew it was impossible to do, and then one day someone came who did not know it, and he did it."

    Sir Winston Churchill


"We are the voice of those who do not have it."

Morgan Delachaux

In accordance with United Nations guidelines, GroupeProton focuses on strategy, partnerships, finance, operations and technology, to support you in improving your exchanges and your overall performance against complex regulations, to reduce costs, delivering measurable and sustainable results while maintaining the primacy of our social development mission.

Our reason for being:


"Relay the world towards strategic development perspectives of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals"


Being a player in a changing world also means innovating on a daily basis to find solutions that are increasingly adapted to the needs of our partners and employees. Thus, as a facilitator we are committed to promoting innovation and an ever more collaborative and agile way of working.



The GroupeProton forges direct links with governments, multinationals, NGOs and private actors in various sectors in order to make possible the issues that are most important for our planet. Our approach is exhaustive but simple: we carry out research, we dialogue and we present strategic choices. Our goal is to build a better world through informed public dialogue on economic and social issues.



Direction Team

David Pettinaroli
David Pettinaroli
Office manager





1052 Lausanne

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